It was during the micro-computer revolution, while running an international trading operation, that Chris Hensher became fascinated by software. He wrote a program for Apple computers to calculate export costs, prices and margins and to generate export quotations. He went on to produce a more extended suite of programs addressing a wider range of export functions for the evolving standardised PC environment.

By 1985 it was clear that there was a worthwhile market for the software (already entitled Exportmaster) and he formed the company now known as Exportmaster Systems logo Exportmaster Systems Ltd. Today, 30 years later, Exportmaster enjoys a substantial presence and a high profile in the UK export sector, addressing every aspect of export and international trade operations.

Along the way, Chris also authored two other proprietary software packages — Prospectmaster (a suite of programs for direct-mail marketing) and Metforex (an application enabling companies to buffer Forward Exchange risk internally, avoiding costly external Forex transactions). He has also undertaken database work and systems consultancy for companies including many in the Top 100 .

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